Methanosarcina horonobensis

Class: Methanomicrobia
Order: Methanosarcinales
Family: Methanosarcinaceae
Genus: Methanosarcina
Temperature [°C]
Temperature min.: 20
Temperature max.: 42
Temperature optimal min.: 37
Temperature optimal max.: 37
pH min.: 6
pH max.: 7.75
pH optimal min.: 7
pH optimal max.: 7.25
Salinity [mol ⋅ dm-3 NaCl]
NaCl min.: 0
NaCl max.: 0.35
NaCl optimal min.: 0.1
NaCl optimal max.: 0.1
Growth rate
Growth rate: 0.14
Doubling time [h]: 4.95
Motility: no
Shape: Irregular cocci
Gram reaction: negative
Cell surface structures (flagella, pili, fimbriae): absent
Cell dimensions [μm]
Width min.: 1.4
Width max.: 2.9
Length min.: 1.4
Length max.: 2.9
Main: S. Shimizu et al., 2011, Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol., vol. 61, p. 2503
Water sediments
Description: Sample of a groundwater from the Wakkanai Formation.
Strain info
Type strain: HB-1
DSM: DSM-21571
ATTC: no data
Other collections: JCM 15518, NBRC 102577
G+C content: 41.4
H2+CO2: No on
Formate: No
Acetate: Yes
Methanol: Yes
Methylamin: No
Di-methylamin: Yes
Tri-methylamin: Yes
CO: No data
Ethanol: no data
1-propanol: No
1-butanol: No
2-butanol: No data
2-propanol: No
Butanol: No data
Cyclopentanol: No
Isobutanol: No data
Dimethyl sulfide: Yes
H2+Methanol: No data
Other: no data
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