Methanocaldococcus jannaschii

Class: Methanococci
Order: Methanococcales
Family: Methanocaldococcaceae
Genus: Methanocaldococcus
Temperature [°C]
Temperature min.: 50
Temperature max.: 85
Temperature optimal min.: 85
Temperature optimal max.: 85
pH min.: 5.2
pH max.: 7
pH optimal min.: 6
pH optimal max.: 6
Salinity [mol ⋅ dm-3 NaCl]
NaCl min.: 0.2
NaCl max.: 0.9
NaCl optimal min.: 0.5
NaCl optimal max.: 0.5
Growth rate
Growth rate: 1.6
Doubling time [h]: 0.433
Motility: yes
Shape: Irregular cocci
Gram reaction: No data
Cell surface structures (flagella, pili, fimbriae): present
Cell dimensions [μm]
Width min.: 1.5
Width max.: 1.5
Length min.: 1.5
Length max.: 1.5
Main: W. Jones, et al., 1983, Arch. Microbiol., vol. 136, p. 254
Description: Hydrothermal vent effluent waters and sedimentary material adjacent to vents were collected in April and May, 1982 from the East Pacific Rise at 20° 50' N latitude and 109° 06' W longitude at a depth of 2600 m.
Strain info
Type strain: JAL-1
DSM: DSM-2661
ATTC: ATCC 43067
Other collections: JCM 10045, OCM 168, NBRC 100440, CIP 104961
G+C content: 31
H2+CO2: Yes
Formate: No
Acetate: No
Methanol: No
Methylamin: No
Di-methylamin: No
Tri-methylamin: No
CO: No data
Ethanol: no data
1-propanol: no data
1-butanol: No data
2-butanol: No data
2-propanol: No data
Butanol: No data
Cyclopentanol: no data
Isobutanol: No data
Dimethyl sulfide: no data
H2+Methanol: No data
Other: no data
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