Methanocorpusculum sinense

Class: Methanomicrobia
Order: Methanomicrobiales
Family: Methanocorpusculaceae
Genus: Methanocorpusculum
Temperature [°C]
Temperature min.: 15
Temperature max.: 45
Temperature optimal min.: 30
Temperature optimal max.: 30
pH min.:
pH max.:
pH optimal min.: 7
pH optimal max.: 7
Salinity [mol ⋅ dm-3 NaCl]
NaCl min.:
NaCl max.:
NaCl optimal min.:
NaCl optimal max.:
Growth rate
Growth rate: 0.035
Doubling time [h]: 20
Motility: yes
Shape: Irregular cocci
Gram reaction: negative
Cell surface structures (flagella, pili, fimbriae): No data
Cell dimensions [μm]
Width min.: 1
Width max.: 1
Length min.: 1
Length max.: 1
Main: G. Zellner et al., 1989, Arch. Microbiol., vol. 151, p. 381
Description: Sample of the effluent of a fixed-bed pilot fermentation plant for anaerobic treatment of distillery wastes, operated at the Biogas Research and Training Centre of Asia and the Pacific in Chengdu, Sichuan, China.
Strain info
Type strain: China Z
DSM: DSM-4274
Other collections: OCM 128
G+C content: 50
H2+CO2: Yes
Formate: Yes
Acetate: No
Methanol: No
Methylamin: No
Di-methylamin: No
Tri-methylamin: No
CO: No data
Ethanol: No
1-propanol: No
1-butanol: No
2-butanol: No
2-propanol: No
Butanol: No
Cyclopentanol: no data
Isobutanol: No data
Dimethyl sulfide: no data
H2+Methanol: No data
Other: not supporting: cyclohexanol
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